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    Hafele's range of sliding system is divided into two categories, Architectural and Furniture sliding. Architectural sliding is used for external or internal door such as bedroom door, balcony door etc. Furniture sliding is used for cabinets, wardrobes, and other furniture units. Both these categories offer you various installation applications like straight sliding, sliding-folding or synchromotion sliding. Our systems can be customized to your specific requirement and provide the Hafele Sliding Systemessentials for any imaginable application . 


    Whether your material is wood, glass or metal; your sliding doors are top hung or bottom rolling; your application requires a folding, stacking or a pocket door, just follow the steps listed below and select from the world’s finest brands of sliding door hardware. 


    5 Easy Steps to Selecting Sliding Door Hardware 

    Step 1

    Measure your opening height and width. Opening width is finished wall to finished wall. Opening height is from finished ceiling to the finished floor.

    Step 2

    Choose your door material. Decide on glass, wood or metal. Select mullions (if desired.)  Determine the weight of the door and the thickness of the door.

    Step 3

    Choose your configuration. You can choose from:  pocket door, sliding wall, sliding bypass, pivoting, folding center, folding end, fixed, sliding stacking perpendicular, or sliding stacking parallel.

    Step 4

    Select your essential hardware. You can make ordering even easier by selecting “set components” and “individual components.”  Individual components consist of running rails, guide rails tracks, channels, or profiles. Set components typically consist of stoppers, guides, running gear, housing, bumpers, screw sets, and buffers.  The catalog displays sliding door hardware by matching the set components and individual components for each system.

    Step 5

    Select additional hardware. Depending upon your configuration, you can select from flush pulls, ring pulls, rectangular pulls, floor guides, door guides, strikes, locks, brackets, hinges, connectors and ADA compliant handles and locks. 


    We will be happy to help you specify, plan, design and estimate your sliding door project. Feel free to touch base with us. 

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