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    Hafele brings to you, kitchen sinks and faucets that define unbeatable standards of design, functionality and maintenance.



    Our range of SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ kitchen sinks from BLANCO, Germany is backed by 60 years of experience and research in market knowledge, engineering proficiency and latest technologies, just so we can adapt it to your likeness Blanco Silgranit sinkand needs. The SILGRANIT material is a unique and patented technological break-through that combines the hardest elements found in natural granite, acrylic, ceramic and colour pigments to give you the result of a kitchen sink surface you may have never seen before.

    Today, BLANCO has produced more than 40 million sinks, and is recognized as a world leader in quality, innovation and unsurpassed service. Long gone are the times when a sink was merely used for function. These days, it can be the muse for a kitchen – or perhaps an entire home. Because of BLANCO’s dedication to quality, every sink is inspected multiple times before earning the BLANCO name, it’s just a part of their commitment to craft. BLANCO commits itself to respect ethical business principles and since 1994 has been a member of the Caux Round Table (CRT), an international network of principled business leaders and companies working to promote a moral capitalism.

    BLANCO SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ sink Advantages

    •  Outstanding easy-to-care feature
    •  Non-porous sealed surface that’s easy to clean
    •  Superior durability
    •  Patented hygiene protection formula
    •  Optimum space utilization for more comfort
    •  Resistant to scratches and harsh conditions
    •  Material and colour choices that enhance interiors


    The ever increasing popularity of handmade sinks is directly connected to the possibility of welding a perfectly customized sink as per the individual requirement and design preference of the customer. Hafele’s range of handmade sinks from the Hafele Argento SinksARGENTO series are made of high grade Stainless Steel (SS 304) and coated with an elegant satin finish – providing a durable and aesthetically stylish solution for your cleaning needs in the kitchen. Our range of ARGENTO sinks are tested to resist any external damages like chipping, cracking or peeling and the Satin coating provides additional protection from scratching and rusting. The hygienic and aseptic properties of stainless steel make the maintenance and cleaning of  ARGENTO sinks virtually effortless!

    Taking into account the constant exposure of a sink to dampness and moisture, our ARGENTO sinks are coated with Asphalt at the base of the bowl protecting them from condensation or corrosion. A special sound suppression pad of 0.5 to 0.8mm thickness is integrated into the sink bowl which enables the ARGENTO Sinks to absorb excessive noise when vessels are being washed. All our ARGENTO sinks carry a warranty for 2 years against faulty workmanship and material. The ARGENTO sinks’ drain pipe is specially designed to enable smooth discharge of soiled water into the drain lowering the chances of clogging. The ARGENTO sinks are available in standard bowl depths of 8, 9 and 10 inches making it easier to wash even the heavy and large vessels in your kitchen.


    ARGENTO Advantages / Feature

    • Finish: All ARGENTO sinks come with a uniform European Satin Finish that aesthetically enhances the elegant design of the sink bowl.
    • Steel Thickness: All ARGENTO sinks are made of Stainless Steel grade 304 with a thickness of 1.2 mm. SS Grade 304 contains 18% Chrome and 8% Nickel which increases the resistance of the material to corrosion and rusting; providing extraordinary durability and unbeatable performance.
    • Coating: To avoid sound, the undercoat is extremely important for any Stainless Steel sink. All ARGENTO sinks are coated to about 0.5 – 0.8 mm thickness with Asphalt - a material which absorbs sound and protects the base of the sink from condensation and corrosion.
    • Sound Deadening Pad: In addition to the Asphalt coating, a special sound suppression pad of 2mm thickness is integrated into the ARGENTO sinks to absorb excessive noise of the Utensils during use.
    • Drain Pipe: The ARGENTO series come with a Drain Pipe which is specially designed to prevent clogging and ensure easy cleaning.
    • Easy to Clean: The inherent aseptic property of stainless steel makes the maintenance of ARGENT sinks virtually effortless. They are hygienic and easy to clean.
    • 10 Year Warranty: All ARGENTO sinks are guaranteed for 10 years against faulty workmanship and material.
    • Extra Deep Bowl: ARGENTO sinks come with extra deep bowls ranging from 8 to 10 inches making it sufficiently easy to accommodate large and heavy-duty vessels for cleaning.


    Hafele’s SPLASH punching bowl sinks are carefully engineered through a unique drawing process where pressure is individually controlled in combination with a lubrication process which draws out the sink bowls out of a Grade 304 Hafele Splash SinkStainless Steel sheet, without the steel itself breaking. The stainless steel sinks are then coated with an elegant satin finish to add a layer of protection against scratching or rusting. The well rounded shape of our SPLASH sinks makes way for easy cleaning, eliminating the chances of any unwanted residues in the remote corners of the sink bowl.

    Our range of SPLASH sinks are tested to resist any external damages like chipping, cracking or peeling and the hygienic and aseptic properties of stainless steel make the maintenance of these sinks virtually effortless! The grade 304 composition of stainless steel with 18% chromium & 8% Nickel further enhances the durability of our sinks, making them highly tolerant to humid conditions. SPLASH sinks come with a special stone guard undercoating and rubber padding to absorb excessive noise levels of utensils during use. They come with a Drain Pipe of size 3.5 inches, specially designed to prevent clogging and ensure easy cleaning. SPLASH sinks come with a sink bowl depth ranging from 8 to 10 inches, making the washing of heavy-duty vessels an effortless task. All sinks from the SPLASH series come with a 2 year warranty against faulty workmanship and material.


    HAFELE SPLASH Advantages

    • Stainless Steel: Hafele SPLASH sinks use 0.8mm premium grade SUS304 stainless steel consisting of 18% chrome and 8% nickel, making the sinks highly durable and resistant to corrosion
    • Finish: All SPLASH sinks come with an elegant, scratch-resistant premium satin finish
    • Padding: The sinks are padded and Stone-Guard undercoated which reduces noise levels while the sink is in use
    • Bowl Depth: 8 and 10 inches bowl depths that can easily accommodate heavy vessels during any cleaning cycle
    • Unique Overflow System: The unique overflow system prevents water from spilling over and the reversible design can easily render a left hand or right hand installation.
    • Drain System: The 3.5 inch drain outlet is compatible with most garbage disposals available in the market; it comes with a stainless steel strainer and a plastic drainage pipe
    • Packaging: SPLASH sinks come in a handy packaging equipped with mounting & installation brackets as well as cut-out templates
    • Warranty: Hafele offers a 2-years warranty for the SPLASH range against faulty workmanship & manufacturing defect from the date of invoice