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Nagold By Hafele

Nagold by Hafele is the first of its kind built-in home appliances brand that is remarkably International by design and functionality, yet distinctively Indian by features and functions which specifically cater to the unique requirements of our country. Supernova burners of the hobs, tropicalised compressors of the refrigerators are all specifically designed for our conditions. Warranty of 5 years for the Nagold By Hafele : Available at HOME Trendz, Kochibrass burners and 10 years for the motors and compressors assure long life for your built in appliances.

Through the NAGOLD series, we provide you with every possible convenience that makes your time spent in kitchen truly worthwhile. You can now meet your daily cooking needs with a level of smarter efficiency through our exclusive range of built-in-hobs; and to extend your culinary skills to experimental baking, grilling or barbequing, we present you with our range of built-in microwave and electric ovens, deep fryers and barbecues. Your cooking experience is further enhanced by our range of silent cooker hoods that work effectively to expel the smoke and cooking residues. Get 100% hygienic wash with the Nagold’s dishwashers that removes rigid masala stains from your cooking vessels at the touch of a button! 


Nagold has the following range of products.

  • Refrigerators
  • Baking Appliances
  • Cooking Hobs
  • Cooker Hoods 
  • Speciality Appliances
  • Dish Washer
  • Washing Machines

Hafele’s Nagold Range of Built-in Home Appliances has a dedicated and well-networked service footprint across India, reaching to 23 states and many small cities. The Nagold service infrastructure is equipped with most sophisticated and modern tools and facilities ensuring prompt and efficient service to our customers. Now our service is just a call away through our centralized customer care team. 


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